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Foxit Phantom

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Foxit Phantom | 13 MB

Foxit Phantom Küçük boyutta ve çok kullanışlı bir programdır. İstediğiniz dosyayı programı açar açmaz görüntüleyebilirsiniz. Hatta üzerinde değişiklik (edit) yapabilirsiniz. İstediğiniz kelimeyi anında bulabilme imkanınız bile var. Hatta istediğiniz yerin resmini çekebilirsiniz. Anında yazdırma(print) size çok kolaylık sağlayacak. İstediğiniz yazının altını çizme, üzerinden çizgi çekme, yazının üzerine renk ekleme özellikleri bile var. En güzeli de yazının yazı şeklini (font) değiştirebilme. İstediğiniz bölgeyi seçerek oraya yazı yazma yada bir yazının herhangi bir yerine not ekleyebilirsiniz. Yazılarınızı .doc şeklinde görüntüleme imkanınız dahi mevcut.

Foxit Phantom Foxit Phantom is a business ready PDF toolkit, with everything you need to create professional PDF documents and streamline business processes: fast, easy to use, and at a price that fits your budget. Foxit Phantom is a professional PDF toolkit without the bloat. Foxit Phantom has just the right features for business including creating, editing, organizing and securing PDF files. From Foxit Corporation, a Microsoft Certified Partner, Foxit Phantom joins Foxit’s award-winning PDF tools product line, including Foxit Reader, with over 90 million downloads worldwide. Foxit Phantom provides an all in one solution for business users of PDF, and a sensible alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Unlike other PDF tools, Foxit Phantom lets you edit content directly. Or you can use the convenient annotation tools to add comments, highlights, stamps, and more. Delete pages, add pages, and assemble new PDF documents. Plus, Foxit Phantom’s robust security features keep your business documents safe. Password protect documents, add certificate encryption, and sign with digital certificates.

Foxit Phantom includes easy to use form design tools that let you quickly turn your documents into electronic forms for distribution by e-mail or via a website. Now you can easily collect the data your company needs from customers, partners and employees. You can even enable digital signatures for any PDF document.

You get all the business features you need, award-winning technology, and the peace of mind provided by Foxit's 24/7 worldwide customer support. Try it today and see for yourself.


Small and fast
* Up to 3 times faster PDF Creation than competitor tools
* Installation file is around 10 MB and takes 22 MB of hard drive space, about 1% of competitor’s product size
* And launch speed is much faster

Create industry-standard compliant PDF files from any printable file
* Support 100's of the most common file types
* One click produces PDF from Microsoft Word documents automatically

Scan paper document to PDF directly
* Streamline workflow by converting paper contracts, agreements, etc to electronic PDF files

Edit and modify PDF contents
* Quickly edit document content and correct mistakes right in a PDF
* Add text to your PDF document as you need

Compare PDF documents
* Highlight the differences between two PDF documents to help you identify what has been changed quickly and easily

Organize PDF pages
* Re-order PDF pages without help from any other applications to simplify your operations
* Add, delete, or combine pages from multiple PDF files to create new PDF documents

Design and fill-out electronic forms
* Convert your current forms into electronic PDF forms
* Easy to use forms design tools make your PDF documents more interactive
* Collect the data your company needs from customers, partners and employees easily without the cost of re-keying
* Reduce paper handling
* Extend document-based processes to better engage with customers, partners, constituents, colleagues, etc

Protect PDF documents with passwords and certificates
* Control access to PDF documents
* Protect sensitive PDF documents to prevent loss of valuable company assets
* Enhance security when sending and receiving PDF files

Control PDF document usage such as printing, changing, content extraction
* Manage PDF usage permissions for individual documents within or without your organization

Add digital signatures to PDF documents
* Streamline business processes typically requiring paper-based or in-person collaboration by signing your PDF documents digitally
* Enhance security by instituting identity authentication
* Automatically check for documents integrity unauthorized content changes

Version 2.0

New Features in Foxit Phantom PDF Suite Version 2.0:
Convert multiple files to PDFs or merge into a single PDF in a single operation(learn more)
Initial document creation directly from Phantom (learn more)
Change page order by dragging and dropping thumbnails(learn more)
Select pages from thumbnails for printing(learn more)
Insert blank pages or pages from a scanner(learn more)
Set initial view (learn more)
Edit document properties such as author (learn more)
Copy, cut and paste annotations (learn more)
Undo and redo (learn more)
Expanded stamp library (learn more)
ADBC support in javascript (learn more)

Foxit Phantom PDF Suite Version 2.0 fixed some bugs below:
Improves underline & strikeout tools performance in vertical text layout.
Default setting for image tool.
Supports setting a minimum value of “0” for the opened file list in the preferences dialog box.
The number of print copies is reset to 1 after each print job.
Automatically records the Author's name when setting current properties of the annotation.
Simply double click or click the middle mouse button on the target tab to close the document.
Fixed the issue where multiple copies of check boxes created with Foxit Phantom could not be displayed in Adobe Reader.
Fixed the issue where Field names may not be displayed correctly.
Fully supports form filling in Polish.

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